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These essential Nioomi whitepapers around the most important aspects of moving to Germany help you avoid common pitfalls and save time, energy, and money.

Two tech recruiter working over presentation on laptop
Global hiring

Unlocking global talent: How to hire international employees

6 min read

Master the art of global tech recruitment and tap into a world of opportunities for your business. Learn how to hire international employees with Nioomi.

Hands holding various colored light bulbs
Global hiring

Top 9 countries for hiring tech talent

8 min read

Germany faces a significant shortage of 137,000 IT and tech experts. Discover the best countries for global hiring to bridge this gap.

Rainbow heart made of paint strokes on a white background

9 Steps to build a diversity strategy in the workplace

7 min read

Discover the benefits of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace, and gain insights into implementing a successful DEI strategy.

Abstract illustration of a staircase in the form of a stack of books with a light bulb on top symbolizing authority processes

How to get your degree recognized in Germany

7 min read

If you are planning to work in Germany, your international academic credentials play a crucial role. Discover how to get your degrees officially recognized in Germany hassle-free.

Illustration of a German flag on a pedestal
Guide to Germany

Guide to Germany: Read this before you relocate!

12 min read

Understand the most important aspects about living in Germany before you relocate for work or study: German history, regions, society, language, cost of living, and more.

Render of an abstract job environment showing a laptop computer on top of a pink desk

The ultimate guide to landing a tech job in Germany

11 min read

Are you looking for a career boost in the heart of Europe? Germany provides an abundance of opportunities for professional development. Find out how to land your dream job.

Illustration of a passport with an arrow flying around

How to get a visa for Germany in 2023 for work, study, and travel

6 min read

Discover your visa options for Germany based on your citizenship, length of stay, and purpose (work, study, travel). Use our eligibility check and apply for a German visa now!

Illustration of an accommodation with white clouds flying inside half-opened violet double doors

12 must-knows to save money in Germany's heated up housing market

10 min read

The housing market in Germany varies greatly from region to region. This whitepaper explains what you have to consider in order to find a suitable accommodation for you and your family hassle-free.

Illustration of a house and a pile of gold coins on a scale as a metaphor for insurance

Insurances in Germany: what's mandatory for foreigners & how to apply

10 min read

If you are moving to Germany, you are required by law to have health insurance. Find out how to apply for medical insurance in Germany and which other insurances you need to consider.

Illustration of a brown wallet with coins floating into it

How to open a bank account in Germany as a foreigner: a comprehensive guide

9 min read

Need to open a bank account in Germany? Our guide has got you covered! Whether you're an expat, student, tech talent, or long-term visitor, we can help simplify the process.

Graphic design showcasing registration through abstract 3D render

Moving to Germany? Register your address in 4 easy steps

7 min read

If you move to Germany, it is mandatory by law to register your address. Besides your registration certificate, you will receive your German tax ID. Failure to register your address can result in fines.

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