Portrait of a female Indian software engineer from Nioomi's Talent Pool Portrait of a female Indian software engineer from Nioomi's Talent Pool
Fatma Yıldız
SDE 2 at Amazon, Turkey Turkish flag
Total work experience • 5 years
Bash Java Rust SQL

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Smiling group of software engineers is sitting at a table with laptops
Smiling group of software engineers is sitting at a table with laptops
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We specialize in helping our high-skilled international talent pool connect with leading companies in Germany.

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Fatma Yıldız Request accepted
SDE 2 at Amazon, Turkey Turkish flag
Total work experience • 5 years
Bash Java Rust SQL

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  • Which countries does Nioomi's talent pool cover? removeadd
    Our talent pool includes individuals from over 50 different countries who either reside in Germany or possess the qualifications necessary to apply for a work visa.
  • Can I hire candidates for locations outside of Germany? removeadd
    We exclusively offer our service to German-based companies interested in hiring for their German locations.
  • How long does the hiring process take? removeadd
    The time depends on various factors, including your hiring process. Nioomi ensures quick response times, with initial contact to interview taking under 48h. For candidates residing overseas, it's safe to give it 10-12 weeks between signing the contract and starting the job.
  • When will I get charged? removeadd
    Fees are due once your new employee begins, with a refund option on the following hiring if the candidate leaves during the probation period.
  • Can I also relocate candidates I recruited myself? removeadd
    Yes, you can. If your candidate's destination is Germany, Nioomi may help with the relocation process.
  • For which industries can I use Nioomi? removeadd
    While we are not limited to specific industries, we focus on providing top-notch talent exclusively from the IT sector.
  • What tools will I get as an employer? removeadd
    You will get a Nioomi company account to access all our web-based services.

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