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PakCon 2023

Let's connect at the Project A Knowledge Conference in Berlin on Wednesday, 11 October 2023, to get insights and swap ideas.

Oct 11 Date Berlin Location
event location - pakcon at kulturbrauerei, berlin
event location - pakcon at kulturbrauerei, berlin



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Nioomi's talent pool displayed on a laptop
Nioomi's talent pool displayed on a laptop

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Are you curious to explore our international talent pool? Visit the preview, filter talents, and discover potential candidates.

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Take a picture during the event that highlights Nioomi's mission to connect international tech talent with German companies.


Share your captured moment on LinkedIn with the hashtag #MeetNioomi. Remember to tag Nioomi to ensure we see your entry.


Every participant* sharing their photo using the hashtag will receive a €1,000 cashback on their first hire with Nioomi.

*Please note: The cashback can be redeemed for all companies, excluding staffing firms or self-employed head hunters.

Portrait of attendee Jonas Schenk, CPO and Co-founder, Nioomi
Jonas Schenk
CPO and Co-founder, Nioomi

Why PAKCon is worth visiting.

PAKCon is organized by Project A Ventures, one of Europe’s leading early-stage tech investors. The conference originated as a knowledge-sharing event between Project A’s 100+ portfolio companies, which include success stories like Trade Republic, sennder, Spryker, Catawiki, Unmind, and Voi, most of which will be in attendance.

In its sixth edition, PAKCon 2023 will again bring together founders, investors, thought leaders, digital experts, international media, and talents from across Europe for a one-day event packed with thought-provoking sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities.

The comprehensive program, delivered by high-profile experts from the European startup and VC ecosystem, addresses the entire spectrum of modern digital operations. Attendees will get the opportunity to hear about investment, marketing, engineering, sales, branding, data science, product management, culture, ESG, legal, and more.

This year’s theme is The Obvious. The crises we’re experiencing - globally and in our industry - were, in fact, predictable. That’s why PAKCon highlights truths that are so obvious we simply ignore them. While the sessions will focus on diverse topics, they will share a common agenda that explores fundamental questions.

Join PAKCon to find the answers and get ready for a reality check.


  • Which countries does Nioomi's international talent pool cover? removeadd
    Our international talent pool currently has talent from more than 40 nations.
  • Can I access the international talent pool for recruitment outside of Germany? removeadd
    We exclusively offer our service to German-based companies interested in hiring for their German locations.
  • How long does it take for the candidates to start in Germany? removeadd
    The time depends on various factors, including your hiring process. Nioomi ensures quick response times, with initial contact to interview taking under 48h. Giving it 10-12 weeks is safe between signing the contract and starting the job.
  • When will I get charged? removeadd
    We charge once your new employee has started their first day of work, and we will refund the commission on the following hiring if the candidate quits during the notice period.
  • Can I also relocate candidates I recruited myself? removeadd
    Yes, you can. If the destination of your candidate is Germany, Nioomi may help with the relocation process.
  • For which industries can I use Nioomi? removeadd
    While we are not limited to specific industries, we focus on providing top-notch talent exclusively from the IT sector.
  • What tools will I get as an employer? removeadd
    You will get a Nioomi company account to access all our web-based services.

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