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Changes in German immigration law

Join our webinar on 10 November, 10 AM, for a deep dive into these changes and to discuss their impact on your international recruitment strategy.

Nov 10, 10:30 - 11:00 Date Online Location
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Join us for an insightful webinar to stay informed about the new skilled immigration act.

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Portrait of attendee Torben Bursinski, CEO and Co-founder, Nioomi
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Rebecca Baltumeit
Immigration Expert, Nioomi

What the webinar is about.

Germany continues to face labour shortages across various sectors and is gearing up to implement a series of updates to its immigration laws in response to the national workforce challenge. These immigration reforms have significant implications for businesses operating in Germany, so it’s vital that company leaders understand them and how to adapt effectively.

Starting in November, the first set of new regulations will come into effect, simplifying the process for skilled workers to immigrate to Germany. The German government has undertaken a reform of the Skilled Immigration Act, which will be phased in gradually, with additional changes planned for 2024. This reform aims to reduce legal obstacles for university graduates and skilled professionals from outside the European Union.

Germany’s immigration initiative consists of three parts, starting in November, followed by the subsequent phases in March and June 2024. These changes introduce a range of benefits for relocating workers, especially for Blue Card holders.

The revised regulations now allow relocating employees to qualify for immigration based on vocational certifications and professional experiences, departing from the traditional reliance on academic qualifications and conventional hiring pathways. This shift enables Germany to attract highly qualified skilled workers from beyond the EU, addressing the labour shortage issue more effectively.


  • Which countries does Nioomi's international talent pool cover? removeadd
    Our international talent pool currently has talent from more than 40 nations.
  • Can I access the international talent pool for recruitment outside of Germany? removeadd
    We exclusively offer our service to German-based companies interested in hiring for their German locations.
  • How long does it take for the candidates to start in Germany? removeadd
    The time depends on various factors, including your hiring process. Nioomi ensures quick response times, with initial contact to interview taking under 48h. Giving it 10-12 weeks is safe between signing the contract and starting the job.
  • When will I get charged? removeadd
    We charge once your new employee has started their first day of work, and we will refund the commission on the following hiring if the candidate quits during the notice period.
  • Can I also relocate candidates I recruited myself? removeadd
    Yes, you can. If the destination of your candidate is Germany, Nioomi may help with the relocation process.
  • For which industries can I use Nioomi? removeadd
    While we are not limited to specific industries, we focus on providing top-notch talent exclusively from the IT sector.
  • What tools will I get as an employer? removeadd
    You will get a Nioomi company account to access all our web-based services.

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